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Bangalore Professionals Meet (BPM) 2018

"Mid-Career Crisis and Management"

Information is the resolution of uncertainty -  Claude Shannon

Professionals across industries today face a crisis in their careers as they move towards what’s called the mid-career phase. They have to deal with role stagnation, obsolescence of their skills and in the worst cases, loss of job itself. Apart from professional insecurity, they are impacted by financial challenges, family issues and suffer from depression and extreme levels of stress when the crisis hits.  Many, if not most are ill-prepared to face a sudden loss of job. This is true especially in the IT industry which employs a significant part of the mid-career professionals in Bangalore.

Considering this scenario, AapKaPath has decided to take up Mid-Career Crisis and its mitigation as the core theme for the 2018 edition of Bangalore Professionals Meet(BPM). This will be a daylong event where the sessions are planned around the following themes:

  • What is Mid-Career Crisis? How do you identify if you are facing / likely to face it? Why are people getting fired?
  • How do you mitigate the risk of mid-career crisis? How do you prepare yourself starting now, personally and professionally to face it?
  • How do you face the crisis as a family?
  • How do you make your life and career more fulfilling, give back to the society and live a life of purpose?

This event brings together experts from various industries and functions and will include interactive panel discussions, experience sharing and networking opportunities. This is a must attend event for professionals at any stage in their careers.

BPM 2018 Program Structure

We have a fine list of experts from the industry giving their valuable view points and suggestions on topics of Symptoms of Mid-Career Crisis and Solutions. Check out our program structure for complete details.

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